Good Habits

by Teresa Jennings

We used the word "quirky" to describe this simple song, and well, we think it fits. We have combined unusual blends of instruments on the recording, like a marimba, log drum, piccolo, and soprano sax. Doesn't that sound quirky to you? It also helps the lightheartedness of the tune, which is generally a good idea for engaging especially younger kids.

If you want to use very young students in the revue, Healthy, this tune should work nicely. It's easy, short, and very repetitious. You could even use the full performance version on the recording for a little extra reinforcement. While we have created projectable lyric pages in PowerPoint® to be used for teaching the songs, there's nothing wrong with also using them in performance to help kids keep track. (You will find information on accessing these in the box on page 80.)

As with the song "Healthy," this one has a message as well. If we can help children learn good habits, their lives could be substantially improved. Such power! (And in music class, no less.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.