If You Build It

by John Riggio

Like so many of John's songs, the inspiration for this song came late at night, and the concept of building was actually about the form of the song. The simple eighth note stabs at the beginning grow, becoming more complex and intense until measure 25, where you have an all-out wall of sound. As form progressions go, it's pretty nice.

Of course, there had to be lyrics eventually, so John decided to follow his own lead of building and apply it to character. A perfect match. It speaks of making right choices, being an upright person, and changing the world. Doing the right thing and building one's character isn't always easy. It requires perseverance. Use this song to begin a dialog with your students. Encourage them in their own efforts to be upright, kind, and decent. Their decisions will help shape their character, affect people around them, and potentially change the world for the better. Heady stuff.

We'd be remiss if we didn't point out the amazing tracks laid down by our rhythm players. It is thick with guitars, synths, and drums, and if you listen carefully there's even a piano in there! Our studio singers really enjoyed singing this one, and we think your students will, too. Let them sing this song with intensity.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.