Scaredy-Cat Groundhog

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Our resident groundhog loves the meadow behind our house. He'll lounge out there in the sun, eating clover... until... someone taps the window with their finger. Eek! He's certain we're coming to get him! So he scampers back to his burrow in a big hurry. What a scaredy-cat.

This primary tune identifies the groundhog for this aspect of his personality. And the simple quarter note melody at the verse says it clearly. Repetition ensures ease of remembering in performance for your youngest singers.

The chorus of the song suggests to listeners exactly what Mr. Groundhog is afraid of. This is the fun bit! We've suggested three things he's scared of on our audio of the song: shadows, sounds, and you! What else could cause him to want to hide? This is a changeable portion of the song, so ask your students to suggest something else he might be afraid to face, and then sing a version with their ideas inserted. It's okay to get silly (frogs, trees, clouds), but don't let it get too dark (hawks, big trucks).

Sing this tune for Groundhog Day, but then consider singing it around Halloween, too. The groundhog could be afraid of seasonal creatures like ghosts, spiders, or candy. Ha! Have fun, but by all means, be brave! - AE

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.