Having The Time Of Our Lives

by Mike Wilson

Life is full of struggles and obstacles. It is also full of joy and opportunity. Life, truly, is one big adventure. This Western flavored offering juxtaposes the experience of the pioneers of the westward expansion with that of our own experience today. Who knows what we will find beyond the next "river, valley, or mountain range?" Hopefully, we're not too soft to grab the reins and take the adventure that lies before us with the same enthusiasm and courage as the families who ventured west, with their entire lives loaded in their Conestogas.

Speaking of which, do your students know what a conestoga is? Do they know when the gold rush happened? Can they relate to that American spirit that drove so many westward? What does blazing a trail look like these days? Perhaps this song can open discussion about such things. It's a great cross curricular opportunity.

From the cliche "Spaghetti Western" guitar and underlying Bonanza rhythm to the majestic horn lines, the song invites an energetic approach and uplifting response. So pull as much energy out of your kids as you can. Full orchestra with brass, winds, strings, and percussion support the driving rhythm section. Optional 2-part vocals fill in the chords and add a real richness if you can afford the singers for it. You will find isolated part 2 rehearsal tracks on our web site to help with learning. (See details on page 75.) The idea is to nurture optimism and have fun singing.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.