The Laugh Song

by John Riggio

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The idea for this hilarious song was suggested to John by our very own Diane Stebbe, whose voice you have been hearing on Music K-8 recordings in recent years as one of our talented studio singers. Thanks, Diane!

"The Laugh Song" enumerates various types and styles of laughs, but we couldn't possibly list them all! In fact, you don't even need to use our examples – if you have a student (or in fact, several students) with a notable laugh style, by all means use them! You'll just want to mind the rhythms. For example, instead of "tee-hee" you could say "nasal," instead of "yuk" you could say "loud," etc. You could even say "silent," where no sound comes out at all (but visually the person is laughing their head off). And that's really the key to performing this song. You'll need willing victims students to demonstrate each laugh type. Just give them a microphone so they can be heard! There are also solo laughs indicated during various rests, and these can be in any style.

At the end of the song there is an "all laugh," and if your group is anything like our singers, it won't be difficult to get a laugh from them. One of our singers remarked after singing this song "I feel really good!" Laughing can do that. A cheerful heart really does do ya good.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.