A Yo-Yo State Of Mind

by Teresa Jennings

As we often do, we have created a little ditty to go along with the warm-up that we are featuring in this issue. This time, the piece is a partner song that incorporates the warm-up exercise (basically) as one of the partners. The other partner is a neat melody that sounds good, is fun to sing, and plays off of the yo-yo concept a little bit. The tune is slightly faster than the recorded warm-up, and it's in cut-time. It has a hip hop groove, but it doesn't swing. Use the song as a reward after your students have done the warm-up, and let them take turns singing the parts.

As Anne mentioned, her son Ben is a yo-yoer. (And a darn good one!) If you have any yo-yoers (or yo-yoists) in your midst, use the song/warm-up as an excuse to let them demonstrate their skills to the class.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.