Valentine Mystery

by Teresa Jennings

Who, oh, who could have sent this valentine? No one knows. But that won't keep your students from speculating about this mysterious gift. It's just too delicious!

Obviously, this old-fashioned swing tune is made for your observation of Valentine's Day in your school, or just in your own classroom. Whether you have a traditional card exchange or celebrate in some other way, this song will help add a touch of pizzazz to the event.

We're pretty sure your kids will enjoy singing this song. It's bouncy, lively, jazzy, and just a little bit campy. Let them exaggerate the scoops and slides a little. This will mesh nicely with the sound of the jazz band that features a soprano sax lead and clarinet solo. The muted trumpets and plunger accents are also just plain cool. Be sure to point them out to your students as they learn the tune.

You'll note we have an optional second part for this song that joins in at measure 19 on the D.S. While it isn't necessary, it sounds neat and it's fun to sing. We have isolated it and put it on our web site to help your singers learn it. (Details for accessing it are in the box on page 79.)

Speaking of fun, we have once again created a video that you can share with your students. This is totally for their – and your – amusement, and is free for the downloading. (See details in the box on page 79.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.