Forever Learning

by Teresa Jennings

The finale for the revue is lively and uplifting, as you might expect. To be sure it gets your kids' attention, it's set in a pop/rock/Latin style that may remind them of a number of familiar pop tunes. Hopefully, this will not only tie the whole theme of the revue together, it will also make the message more memorable. In fact, this is such a great universal idea, you may find it useful as a part of your graduation or moving forward ceremonies at the end of the year.

While learning is a natural thing for students in school, it's important to try to instill a love of learning that will continue throughout their lives. Again, you can engage them in a discussion to expand their understanding and appreciation of the big picture. For example, ask them if they know any grown-ups who are taking classes or being tutored in something new. What kinds of things are they learning? What kinds of things would they themselves like to learn later in life? Maybe you can use the opportunity to discuss career choices, and post-high school education opportunities like technical school or college.

The song, "Forever Learning" has a lot of energy and your singers will need to perform it accordingly to sell it. There are several unusual vocal nuances that are common in current pop music (and retro-pop, too, though your students may not be quite as familiar with that). Things like scoops and interrupted syllables that use glottals as rhythmic punctuation. An example of the latter is in measure 8. Just give it a listen and you'll see how it translates. It's not hard to sing, just tricky to notate and explain. But it feels natural and it's easy to do. We think your singers will pick it up readily.

There is an optional second part that comes in toward the end of the song. It's very easy and basically repeats the tag of the chorus. If you don't use it and just stick with the "La la's", you'll be fine. Add the claps at 46 for a great ending touch.

Choreography video - If you really want to make this song special, consider adding movement for all or some of your performers. Our choreographer, Melissa Schott, has created some exciting suggestions that you can imitate or adapt, as you wish. You can find a video of her ideas, as well as teaching notes, on our web site. These are free to download. (See details on page 79.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.