There's A Class For That

by Teresa Jennings

What would you like to learn? There's a class for that! At least, probably. Of course, some things require a lot more than one class to learn. Like becoming a surgeon, or an astronaut, or a music education teacher. But for the purposes of this revue, we'll keep it a bit watered down to get the basic point across.

In the verses of the song, you will see a lot of subjects and/or skills listed that students can joyfully sing about. Be sure they enunciate these so that the audience can understand them. If you wish, you can let your students alter these lyrics to include other things they are learning or want to learn, like karate or fishing or blogging. In any event, there are four verses of "things" named, and while they aren't long verses, they might be too challenging for younger singers. In this case, you could either repeat the first two verses when it comes back on the D.S. (instead of singing verses 3 and 4), or you could use a visual aid to help them remember. Cue cards, a poster, or a projectable list might help. In fact, this song (and all the songs in this revue) has a projectable lyric page that you can download for free. It is in PowerPoint format, and you will find details about it on page 79 of this issue. It's just a simple version of the lyric page you will also find in this issue on page 14, and not necessarily meant to be used for your audience to see. Though you may use it any way you wish, of course.

The music for this song is delightful - bright and robust, as the style indicates. The accompaniment tracks are reminiscent of a broadway show tune. The strings set the tone at the beginning with a pizzicato bounce, then the orchestra takes over with gusto, which your singers should also do when they get to the chorus (pick-up to measure 20). Pick one student to shout out the optional single spoken solo at measure 38. Tell him/her to be enthusiastic, and even allow overdoing it for a lighthearted moment.

Despite its place in this revue, "There's A Class For That" could definitely be used in just about any other venue you like, including other educational programs or even a variety show. The lyrics are non-specific to the revue, so it should work nicely however you use it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.