Snowman Jump

by David & Anne Ellsworth

Did you know snow is bouncy? Well, maybe not. But your youngest students can sure get bouncy to this energetic piece while doing the "Snowman Jump." It inspires winter movement and jumping activity to get all that pent-up energy flowing. (And just in time for winters that seem endless with kids having to stay indoors.)

You can choose ahead of time what pattern or rhythms you're going to have your kids use during measures 5 through 7 each time: quarter notes, halves, wholes, or any combination. Or you can let them jump freely, inventing their own "Snowman Jump." The chorus has built-in jumps in measures 17, 18, 21, and 22, which could be one big jump per bar after or while they yell. The lyrics, "Let's all get bouncy" could be a swinging arm motion bent at the elbow. Or it could be a rhythmic bouncing action, keeping the feet on the floor. Or it could be more jumping! Whatever works best for you and your students is just fine.

If you use this song for a winter or holiday performance, add a bit of light winter costuming, like just hats or mittens. (Coats are probably too much, especially with the physical exertion.) Snowman costumes are not out of the question, maybe just for one or a few kids. Top hats are always fun for snowman tunes. But skip the corncob pipe. Or you could have snowman dolls, cardboard cut-outs, puppets, and so on. These could be jumping in addition to, or instead of your students.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.