Dreidl, Spin!

adapted/arr. Paul Jennings

For this Hanukkah season, we bring you an adaptation of a traditional song about the iconic dreidl, however you want to spell it. If your students aren't familiar with this traditional holiday game, it will make a fun and interesting activity to learn about.

Our arrangement is set for small orchestra, fairly spirited, and played three times through. The ending features a brief reprise of the song's ending and a slower, more dramatic tempo. The first time through, this may be a bit of a surprise for your singers, but after a few times, it should feel quite natural.

Let the recorders play, too! On your score you will see a recorder part just under the vocal part. This part only requires the players use B, A, and G, but if you have more advanced players, consider having them play the melody of the song taken from the vocal line. As presented, your singers would sing the first time through, then the recorders would play the second time. (The tracks for this verse have a soulful solo trumpet playing the melody.) For the third time through, we suggest having the singers sing and the recorders play along with them. If you don't want to use recorders in this tune, there are several things you can do. You can have a student play the melody as a solo on almost any instrument, though violin, viola, or clarinet would be nice. You also have the option of letting your students invent verses of their own for the second and/or third times through the tune.

Percussion, too! You will note that there are also optional parts for tambourine and hand drum on the score. You can adapt these to your needs or add other instruments to taste.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.