Do The Good You Know

by Mike Wilson

Here's a new twist to an old message. Of course, we all want to "save the world"… we just don't know how, or don't have the time or resources to pull it off on our own. This song acknowledges that difficulty. Moreover, it exhorts focusing on our immediate vicinity, neighborhoods, friends, schools, etc., and doing the good we already know in our own personal contexts. Generally, we all know the right thing to do at any given moment whether it be a physical action like helping someone in need, or encouraging someone when they're dealing with trouble of some kind. Maybe it's actually the omission of an action or reaction when we find ourselves feeling defensive. A great cross curricular classroom discussion is in the making by simply asking the question, "What is the good you know?"

This song invites participation through a 2-part arrangement. Part 1 is very simple rhythmically and the intervals are easy to reach. Your youngest group can handle it. The optional part 2 adds the spice. For the most part it sits a third above the melody, but it also helps establish the minor feel that takes place in the third line of the chorus. To help learn/teach this part, we have isolated it and put it online for you and your singers to access. (See details on page 63.)

If you would like a little more involvement, you'll find a very easy percussion part built in for the kids. They can literally grab anything that can be hit with a stick, hand, or other percussion instrument… You may have noticed this song features percussion. You'll hear percussion from all over the world like shekeres and shakers, udu, talking drums, agogo bells, claves, guiros, triangles, big drums, little drums, congas, bongos, cowbells, cuica, timbales, and more.

And it's just a given that you can't have a "save the world" song without the big congregational (audience participation) last chorus. That's just what we did on the recording – brought in every warm body within shouting distance to join in for the last time through. What fun! Imagine a full gymnasium with everyone singing that last chorus. Now that would be cool!

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.