Something Went Bump

by Teresa Jennings

Ah, the mystery! The suspense! The hand drums! What could it be that is lurking behind that door? Only your students' imaginations can conjure up the answer to that one. All we know is, there's something in there, and it went "bump!" Despite the spooky quality of the tune, it is a gentle version, not over-the-top scary. This makes it ideal for use with younger kids.

Students are encouraged to enhance the unidentified sound with their own versions, either by playing a drum or stomping on the floor. You can use hand drums or just about anything you want, with or without sticks or mallets. Even Boomwhackers® or empty oatmeal containers. If you choose the latter, or something else hand made for the occasion, consider decorating it appropriately. If you are using the piece for Halloween for example, use drawn or cut out pumpkins, bats, black cats, and so on for embellishment. If you are using it for something more like a mystery theater program, bunches of question marks are obvious choices.

On the music, indications for where the mystery sounds occur are marked, as are spoken lines. We chose to use a different soloist at measure 8 each time. You can do this, too, or make it a group line. The last comment is definitely a group line, which should be spoken with a bit of urgency.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.