I Bought Me A Bat

adapted/arr. Paul Jennings

While working on the arrangement for "I Bought Me A Cat," it came to us that the same basic song could make a fun spooky song that kids would enjoy. This version goes from major to minor, and the cute animals from the original are now replaced with a bat, werewolf, ghost, vampire, etc. And, of course, each character has its own sound, with lots of chances for your young performers to ham it up.

As with the original song, this batty tune is cumulative, and in each of the sound effects you have the opportunity to have soloists perform the sounds, perhaps with a new soloist each time. The way we did it on the recording was to feature a soloist on the first iteration of each creature, then let the group join in for the subsequent ones. You could do this or have a new soloist every time. Or a group every time. However you do it, let creative performances reign! As a matter of fact, the tune ends with a fermata under which all of your performers can pick a sound and ad lib. (We suggest you help them fade out or cut them off when you've had enough...)

We encourage you to share the instrumental accompaniment tracks, listening for all of the orchestral instruments and how they get the spooky effects that students might also hear behind a scary movie or TV show. These include string effects, dissonant low brass, and pipe organ.

Have a good time with it, and if you perform it for an audience, consider adding costumes and movement. And don't forget the yonder tree.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.