Happy Today

by Teresa Jennings

This light, pleasant tune is nice for beginning guitar students. It has two guitar parts, though you do not need to use them both. Guitar 1 focuses on the B string and uses only the notes B, C, D, and E. Guitar 2 uses a 4-string G chord and suggests nothing harder than half note and whole note strums. While they are notated on the piano score, we have extracted them as well. You can find the extractions at our web site and download them for free.

There is also a vocal melody that goes with this guitar piece. Again, you do not need to use it, but it's fun for players to be able to sing along while they play, particularly the strumming part. If that's daunting, have a select group sing while others play guitar. You will hear that the song breaks into a round the second time. This is also optional, but neat if you can do it.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.