by Paul Jennings

If you subscribed to our neat magazine project, Recorder Classroom, then you know that loveable swamp dweller, Zippy Toad. As a matter of fact, his tunes were some of the most popular selections from those issues. We wanted to share Zippy's fun with Music K-8 subscribers, so for this song, Zippy has traded the swamp for a surfboard at the beach.

The song is fairly straightforward, with two recorder parts: part 1, which requires the notes low D, low E, G, A, B, C, D; and part 2, which can be performed with just G, A, and B. In a couple of places, the students get to yell "CowaBoinga!" along with Zippy, and at bar 25, the players play question and answer with Zippy on his signature toad rhythm.

The piano/recorder score, complete with a color title graphic, is available as an extra online. We have also created color versions of the parts in case you want to print them out for your students. The versions in the magazine are in black and white, so they don't have quite the "zip" we were going for. (See the box on page 67 for details.)

If you want to hear more of Zippy's greatest hits, just go to where you can hear previews of every tune in every issue.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.