Chicken Rap

by John Riggio

"Chicken Rap" is the story of a rooster with aspirations of being a rap artist. The song comes complete with a call and response section, some sweet chicken rapping, and a lot of clucking. Or in our case, bok-ing. Our studio singers performed the call and response section live, which in the recording studio is something we don't necessarily have to do, but it adds a certain energy when we record it this way.

Under no circumstances is this song to be taken seriously. Not that anyone would. In fact, if you have access to a giant chicken outfit, or a mascot that resembles a chicken, you could conduct this song wearing it. If you're not feeling that brave, we're confident one of your sillier students could take up the mantle of the chicken suit. Appropriate hip hop moves would be perfect for this song.

Be sure to watch the fun video that goes with this song, created by our own Kristyn Johnson. You'll find it on our web site at (See details in the box on page 67.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.