Autumnal Equinox

by Teresa Jennings

This tune certainly has a lot going for it! First of all, it's set in a delicious pop/Latin style that's oh-so-fun to listen to. Second, it's actually educational, which makes it a stellar instrument of reinforcement for the value of music in all education. Third, even if you have the dancing skills of a tree stump, the lyrics, "If you like autumn, put your hands in the air," give you an instant and automatic vehicle for movement. Plus, we're pretty sure your kids will relate to the pop vibe and want to move.

But back to that second thing. Interspersed with the cool parts of the song, your kids will get to sing about what the autumnal equinox is, when it occurs, and a couple of other autumn-ish facts that make this a keeper for teaching and learning something every kid should know. Which is why we can't stress strongly enough that you should make your possession of this resource known to the regular classroom teacher who covers this topic in your school so she and you can bring it across the curriculum.

As far as singing this energetic piece goes, it should be pretty easy to grasp for most kids. We do recommend putting a glottal on the word "equinox" so that anyone listening can understand it. Listen to our singers for an example of what we mean.

There is a second part for this song, too, which is optional, but sure adds a lot of spice. To help your singers learn it, we have created a rehearsal mix for the part and put it with the free downloads for this issue. See the chart on page 64 for details.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.