Move, Move, Move

by Teresa Jennings

Once again, we are doing our part to be sure you can offer an opportunity for your students to get up and move, move, move! Whether you let them move freestyle or in a more choreographed way, the goal is action. The melody and lyrics stay out of the way so you can really let them have at it. The instrumental tracks also do their part to inspire with the solid FOTF ("four on the floor") kick drum and punchy analog synth bass line. There is even a section with marching snares to really get everyone lifting their legs!

Use this for classroom energy, or pull out the stops and put it on stage in your next concert. Add a little flashy costuming (things that sparkle and stream are fun for movement), feature a few dancers, or just let everyone groove in their own unique way.

IMPORTANT! - We have a special gift for you with this song, too. The VERY talented Melissa Schott has put together a video of movement ideas for this tune that you and your students can download and learn for your own performances! That's right. You can download the video from our web site or just access a viewing of it via YouTube™ (also from our site). And yes, it's free! As always, we invite you use, alter, adapt, and change whatever you need to so that it works in your situation.

Be sure to let us know how this works out for you. If you like it, we might just do more. The chart on page 67 gives details on downloadables. Plus, check out the sidebar about Melissa on page 66.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.