Waiting For The Spring

by Teresa Jennings

This song is available as a single.

Turning the calendar page from February to March makes our hearts leap at the prospect of the pending change of seasons. Alas, this doesn't actually occur for a few weeks, often leaving us with a sense of longing. This poignant tune suggests that feeling with a touch of melancholy mixed with anticipation. The style is reminiscent of an old folk song, possibly something from Appalachia (where Teresa grew up) by way of England or maybe Ireland. Neat and interesting melodic twists lend themselves to use by a soloist as well as a choir. This is also one that would work very nicely as a live performance piece. The piano part is certainly simple enough. Embellish as we did on the recording by adding acoustic guitar and even some dreamy wind chimes. Or add your own flavors with mandolin, hammer dulcimer, etc.

We have provided an alternate rendition of this song on our web site using just a soloist (Missy Schott) for your listening enjoyment or as an inspiration for your own budding soloist(s). You'll notice that Missy is very free with her interpretation, adding a variety of personal touches to make the song hers. (See page 67 for details on accessing this free download.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.