That's Not Me

by Mike Wilson

This song is available as a single.

Who am I? Really. What am I about? These are questions we never stop asking about ourselves. Today our kids ask these amidst a barrage of messages from advertisers of every shape and kind. There is no longer any attempt to cloak the formula in subtlety. Feed the ego, conform, consume. It's that clear-cut. But will I, or should I really allow myself to be defined by the clothes I wear, TV programming, my hairstyle, the car I drive, or even what I eat and drink? Or, conversely, is the axiom true that ironically says we find ourselves by reaching out to others?

Character Counts - Character songs are naturals for discussion opportunities (not to mention "Character Counts" activities). You may choose to delve into deep thoughts with your class about the message of the song... or... you may just want to sing the song for the fun of it.

This is a pop/rock style song presented with full rhythm and string sections. It is in an easy to sing key, but incorporates a syncopated melodic approach. As such, if your kids learn best by reading the notes, you might want to reserve this one for your older groups. However, we discovered that even our younger studio singers picked up on the syncopation simply by listening and learning by rote. We actually spent more time on personality than rhythm, which is important in a song like this. Your vocal performance could come off as bland if the beginnings of phrases and key words aren't "punched." You might even want to have your choir sing along with the recording demo until they latch onto the feel.

In order to add distinction to the chorus, add claps on beat 2. And for that matter, it's easy to imagine the kids doing a little "right-middle-left-middle" side-to-side choreography during the chorus as well. After the last chorus there is also an optional second part. And be prepared – the lyrics "That's not me" fall on different beats on the outro than on the choruses.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.