A Russian Christmas

by Paul Jennings

This song is available as a single.

For this year's special seasonal recorder feature, we have combined two old Russian folk songs to create a unique performance selection for your young players. We have arranged the work for two two soprano recorders and one alto. One of the soprano parts can be played with just A and G.

The beautiful opening carol, sometimes called "Carol Of The Russian Children," dates back to the 16th century. The orchestral background features rich brass and close harmonies. It transitions to the energetic "Kaliada," here adapted to provide a big finale to the work. For younger players, you can play just quarter notes on the pitches used for this part of the song.

While the recorded tracks include real sleigh bells, feel free to add your own bells to your performance on quarter notes. Big, old bells from real sleighs will give you the best sound.

A score of this work that includes a piano reduction and the three recorder parts can be downloaded free at our web site. (See box on page 82.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.