My Guinea Pig

by Sean Gill

Here's a fun, upbeat tune for your pet-loving students. Guinea pigs are popular first pets due to their docile nature and sometimes comical behavior. This song lets your students sing about a guinea pig's two favorite activities: eating and sleeping! You can easily adapt the lyrics for other pets your students may have. For example, "My kitty cat says meow meow," or "My puppy dog says woof woof," or "My box turtle says..." well, we're not sure what box turtles say when they're hungry. But you get the idea.

As an extension of this song, if your school allows such things, let students bring their guinea pigs (or other pets you're singing about) to class. Presumably in cages or containers. If you're concerned that this might be too much, invite them to share photos or videos of their fuzzy buddies instead.

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.