3/4 Meter

by John Riggio

In another episode of our musical concept tunes, we present "3/4 Meter." It is, as you might expect, a waltz, with just a touch of silliness. The melody is fairly simple, and our studio singers latched on to it quite easily. We think your singers will, too. No rocket science here - we just explain the concept of 3/4 meter: Three beats to a measure, the quarter note gets the beat, and we have them count it out as they sing.

In performance or just for the fun of it, one suggestion would be to have your singers sway left and right on beat 1 of each measure by shifting their weight from one leg to another. Then, you could have them "waltz" (optional, of course) during the "one two three" section, either alone or with a partner. To waltz alone, have each student place one hand on her tummy and the other hand extended to one side, as if she had a partner, and take a step each time beat 1 comes around. If you're having them move from their spot, let them do so in a circular pattern so they don't get too far from your starting point. Help them move in such a way that they do not collide with each other. (Much like on a dance floor.)

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.