Pizza Love

by Teresa Jennings

This popular tune was originally published in Music K-8, Volume 8, Number 5. Over the years, we have often heard how it has become a classic favorite. We totally agree! So we decided to make it a Flashback tune this year, sharing it with a whole new crop of teachers and students alike.

The song is based on the sounds of Motown. (Now there's a great focus for at least one class period, if not more. What is Motown? Listen and discuss, compare and contrast the musical styles of that era and the current one.) Since most Motown tunes are based on love and mature relationships, we decided to do a parody that is more kid-friendly, hence the "romantic" ode to something we can all appreciate - pizza.

We have three versions of the tune on our recording for flexibility: full, tracks, and tracks with background vocals. If you have the talent in your midst, use your own background vocalists with whatever version works best for you. (We nicknamed our background singers "The Pizza Supremes," in case that inspires.) In this issue, you will find the extracted regular vocal part, as well as the extracted background vocal part. The piano/vocal score can be downloaded for free from our web site. (See details below.)

As a unison piece, the song will be easy to learn and sing. The lyrics are silly and should be sung in an exaggerated manner. At measure 33, select a soloist for the poetry who can be dramatically "sincere." Listen to the recording for a great example.

Movement is important in a Motown tune, so consider adding some to spice up your own tangy performance. Watch some Motown videos for inspiration. Easy group moves are a hallmark that can be pretty readily borrowed and adapted to fit your own circumstances.

At the end of the song, the optional solo is deliberately written to a low C, which should be almost impossible for most students to sing. You can have your soloist attempt it, assuming it will come out comically (as ours did), or you can have him sing the cued alternate notes.

Online extras - The free, downloadable extras mentioned can be found under the Graphics and Extras for Volume 20, No. 5 at

Text is taken from Music K-8 magazine.