Below are short video segments of some of our studio performers dancing to John Riggio's fun and educational tune "Rockhopper" (from Music K-8, Vol. 11, No. 3). The choreography was conceived and developed by one of the performers, Reid Morgan. We thought it was well worth sharing with you. Note that these videos are small and of poor digital quality, due to their age.

Rockhopper Dance: Overview

Here the studio singers perform the Rockhopper dance. The performers are, front row, left to right: Reid Morgan, Ryan Staley, Grace Morgan, Brianna Staley; back row, left to right: Leslie Morgan, Marcia Hetrick, Trevor Leslie, and Ellen Morgan. The segment covers one full verse of the song and shows all of the moves used. (53 seconds)

Rockhopper Dance: Detail

In this shorter video segment, Reid Morgan demonstrates the choreography used during the refrain. (12 seconds)