How The Penguins Saved Christmas

by Teresa Jennings

A Fine-Feathered Musical For Young Voices

Just as a pack of penguins are properly preparing for the pomp of a perfectly polite pageant, a stranger drops from the sky into their midst, knocking himself quite unconscious. Eventually reasoning that this stranger must be Santa Claus, the penguins find that once conscious again, the visitor has no memory whatsoever - and on Christmas Eve! They try their best to help him recall his identity and mission, especially on this night, but are unsuccessful until they bring in the Wise Old Emperor Penguin (heralded by the "Kazoo Fanfare For The Emperor") who hypnotizes Santa back to reality. Thankfully, his loyal reindeer are not too far behind and, after chiding Santa for failing to fasten his seat belt, help him return to his mission. The penguins have indeed saved Christmas! Ideal for primary grades, this secular musical features five delightful songs and lasts 15-20 minutes. Songs include:

  • This Elegant Christmas Time
  • Who Can The Stranger Be?
  • Who, Me?
  • Remember
  • Shout!

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How The Penguins Saved Christmas - Downloadable Musical
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Sound Samples

Song Title
This Elegant Christmas Time
Who Can The Stranger Be?
Who, Me?
Kazoo Fanfare For The Emperor
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