It's A Whacky World

by Teresa Jennings, Paul Jennings, John Riggio, and Karl Hitzemann

This fun-loving collection has versatility built into each song. With a variety of styles and options like adding vocals, other percussion instruments, or just more Boomwhackers®, It's A Whacky World will provide a fun learning experience for all your students. It includes:

  • A Whacky Time - This funky tune lets your students get creative while keeping them on their toes. There are two Boomwhacker® parts, Diatonic and bass (the bass part is optional), and a vocal part with room for making fun sound effects.
  • Dem Whacky Bones - Here's a fun way to review the human skeleton! The arrangement of this old favorite features students playing Boomwhackers® and rhythm sticks. You'll enjoy the flexibility and relaxed hip hop style of this whacky song.
  • The Boompah Band - Could there be a more perfect setting for Boomwhackers® than an oompah tune? The piece works nicely with just one vocal and one Boomwhacker® line, but it can be as basic or as layered as you like. A simple rhythm band part is also included.
  • Boompus 17 - This decidedly classical sounding and simple piece was written for string quartet and Boomwhackers® (you don't hear that very often). While there is a modified piano transcription of the strings part, the real charm comes from using the very professional recording. For adaptability, there are two different Boomwhacker® parts, one simpler and one more advanced.
  • Whacky, Whacky West - This "Old West" Boomwhacker® tune features a nifty cowboy sound complete with banjo, harmonica, guitar, piano, and temple blocks for the fun "clip, clop" sound. Throw in the Boomwhackers® and a neat vocal part, and you have plenty of performance possibilities.
  • Light As A Brick - As Boomwhacker® tunes go, this one is pretty easy, using only quarter notes. The challenge comes in the tempo. Like many of our Boomwhacker® tunes, every note in the C diatonic scale gets a chance to ring out at least once.

(from the pages of Music K-8 magazine)

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Sound Samples

Song Title
A Whacky Time
Dem Whacky Bones
The Boompah Band
Boompus 17
Whacky, Whacky West
Light As A Brick
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