Whacky Fun 2

by Teresa Jennings, John Riggio, and Karl Hitzemann

You know how much your students love Boomwhackers®. Well, here's another terrific collection of songs from the pages of Music K-8 magazine that feature those popular, "whacky" instruments.

  • Whacky Birthday - Your kids will like this contemporary pop-style tune a lot. And we thought it would be fun having a lively alternative to the same old birthday song you probably usually sing.
  • O Whacky Christmas Tree - Most students will immediately recognize the "flavor" of the opening sounds of this distinctive arrangement of "O Christmas Tree." We have blended an optional vocal melody with Boomwhackers® for lots of fun and holiday spirit. You've got to hear it!
  • A Whacky Winter Song - A little bit of silly singing and Boomwhacker® playing is bound to lift anyone's spirits. And, as with any Boomwhacker® song, you can substitute other pitched percussion or mallets if you like. Kids will love performing this one.
  • Whack Attack! - It's whacky! It's fun! It's "Whack Attack!" In this high energy piece we've done a bit of a parody of a classic '80s hit, which shall remain nameless, but whose name rhymes with... Nevermind! You'll figure it out.
  • Whacky Boogie - A good old-fashioned boogie woogie is sure to be a real crowd-pleaser. And "Whacky Boogie" won't disappoint. It features singers, Boomwhackers®, and a real big band accompaniment.

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Whacky Fun 2 - Downloadable Collection
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Whacky Birthday
O Whacky Christmas Tree
A Whacky Winter Song
Whack Attack!
Whacky Boogie
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