Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 3

Songs - American Heart revue - Part II: OUR STATES ARE GREAT; THE BELLS OF LIBERTY; WE SHARE AMERICA. Other music: HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!; ONE SNOWMAN, TWO; SEE HOW MUCH WE'VE LEARNED (ONE HUNDRED DAYS); THE WASHINGTON MONUMENT; V FOR VALENTINE; FANGA ALAFIA (Low D, E, G, A, C); DEEP RIVER; TAKE MY LUMPS; SURE AS STARS CLING TO THE SKY; HANGIN' OUT; BUMBLE BEE BOOGIE (Low D, E, G, A, B). Articles - American Heart Script, American Heart Teacher's Guide, Network, About the Rest of the Music in this Issue, Resources For January & February, Photo Journal.

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Music K-8, Vol. 27, No. 3 - Downloadable Issue (Magazine, Audio, Parts)

Sound Samples

Song Title
Our States Are Great
The Bells Of Liberty
We Share America
Have A Happy New Year!
One Snowman, Two
See How Much We've Learned (One Hundred Days)
The Washington Monument
V For Valentine
Fanga Alafia
Deep River
Take My Lumps
Sure As Stars Cling To The Sky
Hangin' Out
Bumble Bee Boogie
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