The Easter Pageant At Mr. Pigg's Barbeque Emporium - Choral Book

by Janet McMahan, David Huntsinger, and Dale Mathews

Local newscaster Virginia Hamm is broadcasting live from Mr. Pigg's famous Barbeque Emporium where the "biggest Easter extravaganza ever" is being performed. The children's choir has come to share a great story - the story of the first Easter! But their presentation may be derailed by a stubborn donkey named Duncan who feels he should be the center of the performance. It takes a gentle word from the person with the smallest role in the cast to remind everyone that God has a special part for all of us to play, and that every day can be like Easter as we "tell the world about the greatest love we'll ever know." (Unison/2-part, 25 min.)

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