Cool Songs That Teach And Entertain

by John Riggio

from the pages of Music K-8 magazine

We are very proud to offer this collection of eight songs that represent everything from science and technology to music and history, and even dessert making! John's melodies and motivating arrangements are guaranteed to get kids excited, interested, and involved. Includes:

  • Ride My Bicycle - Ah, the joys of riding a bicycle - especially when you're a kid. John's song has captured that feeling. Kids will really get into the easy-to-learn melody and the syncopated nature of the chorus.
  • Chocolate Sundae - What could be more fun than singing about a chocolate sundae? Well, building one that's big enough to be seen by the naked eye from orbit might come close. This piece is easy to sing and makes for a delicious performance.
  • The Ballad Of Johnny Appleseed - The history of John Chapman, aka "Johnny Appleseed," unfolds in this nifty song. The style is bluegrass, and the accompaniment comes complete with guitar, banjo, mandolin, spoons, washboard, and fiddle.
  • Is There Life On Mars? - Pondering life on "The Red Planet" has long been a subject of curiosity for earthlings. This incredible song has an air of mystery and majesty combined with ethereal, out-of-this-worldly synths and sound effects.
  • Play The Drum - This fun-filled piece features a number of Latin and African percussion instruments, as well as humorous sound effects for your students' enjoyment.
  • It's Science! - This great song is going to be a favorite with your kids the moment they hear it. The rock-style rhythm section really makes it cook.
  • Air Guitar - Your students will have an opportunity to show their "air jamming" talents with this lively rock piece.
  • Surfin' The 'Net - What better way to get your kids excited about the wonders of the Internet than with this beach rock song? It features an early '60s style rock band, complete with background beach guy vocalists!

About the Downloadable OptionThe downloadable version contains all the components the print version would, but in electronic format.

About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Cool Songs That Teach And Entertain - Downloadable Collection
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Sound Samples

Song Title
Ride My Bicycle
Chocolate Sundae
The Ballad Of Johnny Appleseed
Is There Life On Mars?
Play The Drum
It's Science!
Air Guitar
Surfin' The 'Net
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