Artie Almeida's Fun Foundations For Recorder, Vol. 2

by Artie Almeida/arr. Paul Jennings

Volume 1 of this invaluable resource dealt mainly with the earlier stages of working with your recorder program. Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 left off and adds a lot of new information and specific classroom techniques and music. A wider range of notes is covered, as well as suggestions on starting and running recorder ensembles.

In Volume 2, there are 15 new songs and exercises, all with nice supporting tracks, as well as two more bonus performance songs. Techniques are covered in Artie's down-to-earth, practical style and include such things as fingering notes below G, managing students of different abilities in one class, and building finger dexterity, just to name a few. Extras can be found on the special web site,

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About the Audio RecordingsAudio recordings contain full performance and accompaniment only (instrumental) tracks.

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Artie Almeida's Fun Foundations For Recorder, Vol. 2 - Downloadable Recorder Resource
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Sound Samples

Song Title
E-Z, Chee-Z
EGGs Over E-Z
Act Your A-G-E
Synco Song
Ds Are Dangerous!
How Low Can You Go?
Up and Down in 5-Note Town
Under the Radar - 4/4 Time
Under the Radar - 3/4 Time
Watch Your Step!
Stepping and Skipping
C Scale Exercise #1
C Scale Exercise #2
C Scale Exercise #3
C Scale Exercise #4
Red River Valley
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