The Hero In Us All - Student Pack (5 Singer's Editions)


  1. Overture - (Orchestra)
  2. Opening Rap: Heroes - (Rappers 1-6)
  3. Everyday Heroes - (Gwen, Sammy, Rita, David, Everyday Heroes, Chorus)
  4. The WInd Beneath My Wings - (Carol, Jonathan, Stefano, Dionne, Al, Dancer(s), Chorus)
  5. Good For The Game! - (Danny, Rosie, Kim, Leon, Sports Heroes, Chorus)
  6. We Say Thank You - (Cory, Alysha, Rob, Community Heroes, Chorus)
  7. We Are Not Afraid - (Coral, Billy, Ashley, Tony, Immigrant Heroes, Chorus)
  8. A Hero In Us All - (Cindy, Janelle, Suzanne, Tim, Entire Cast, Chorus)
  9. Finale Rap: Unsung Heroes - (Rappers 7-10)
  10. A Hero In Us All (Reprise) - (Entire Cast, Chorus)
  11. Bows - (Orchestra)


  • A Chorus of Students: Sings from scattered positions throughout the performance area. They are dressed in modern day school clothing.
  • Featured Students: Character names are given to 24 performers who speak one line and sing or rap one solo each. They include: Gwen, Sammy, Rita, David, Carol, Jonathon, Stefano, Dionne, Al, Danny, Rosie, Kim, Leon, Cory, Alysha, Rob, Coral, Billy, Ashley, Tony, Cindy, Janelle, Suzanne, and Tim. For a smaller cast, feel free to combine several roles into one. These performers may wish to substitute their own names, and may be members of the Chorus if desired. School clothes.
  • Rappers 1-10: Featured in songs 2 and 9. School clothes with optional sunglasses, baggy pants, bandanas, backwards ball caps, etc. May be combined into fewer roles.
  • Dr. Johnston: The school principal, professional dressed. May be played by a student or adult actor. Consider an original welcome written and delivered by your actual school principal before song 2. This is the only appearance by this character.


  • Vignette Performers: 2 Big Boys, a Smaller Boy, Another Boy, a Student on crutches, Another student, an Elderly Person with a cane, and a Younger Person may be featured during song 3.
  • Dancer(s): One or more expressive dancers may be featured in song 4. Loose fitting school clothes, or appropriate dance attire.
  • Sports Heroes: May be featured in song 5, and include: Jesse Owens (in track attire), Arthur Ashe (in tennis attire), Jackie Robinson (in baseball attire), Babe Zaharias (in golf attire), Jackie Joyner Kersee (in track attire), and Wilma Rudolph (in track attire).
  • Community Heroes: May be featured in song 6, and include uniformed firefighters, police officers, members of the armed forces, etc. Consider inviting real life heroes from your community to make cameo appearances.
  • Emigrants (from Asia, Africa, South America, and Europe): May be featured in song 7, wearing traditional international costumes. Feel free to add other nationalities that are especially appropriate for your school and community.