Broadway Santa - Student Pack (5 Singer's Editions)


  • Snowtime (All)
  • Santa's Comin' To Town (Santa and Mrs. Claus)
  • I Wanna Be A Star (Elves and Reindeer)
  • Mr. Hathaway (All)
  • To Broadway, Baby (All)
  • Broadway Santa Rehearsal (Elves)
  • Waltz One (Instrumental)
  • Broadway Santa Success (Instrumental)
  • Sight-Seeing Music (Instrumental)
  • Broadway Santa Performance (Elves)
  • Waltz Too (Instrumental)
  • Broadway Santa Disaster (Instrumental)
  • Back Home (All)
  • Finale (All)

Note: Performance time is approximately 40 minutes.

Cast of Characters and Costumes:

  • Santa Claus: As jolly as ever, especially as he prepares for the debut of his own musical play. He is dressed in a traditional Santa suit and wears wire-rimmed glasses.
  • Mrs. Claus: The supportive wife of "the big guy" himself. Warm and enthusiastic. She wears a Christmas colored dress with apron. Hair may be in a bun, or down with a kerchief or headband.
  • Mr. Hathaway: A feisty, energetic Broadway producer. He loves the theater and has many years of producing experience. Dressed in a suit with a gaudy sportcoat and dark pants. Optional - wears a trench coat, fedora hat, and carries a leather suitcase.
  • Stage Manager: Boy or girl. Efficient and to the point. Wears jeans and a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or sweater. Optional - always has a clipboard and pen in hand, plus a stopwatch worn around the neck.
  • Postman: Male or female. This is a great place to feature a local celebrity, teacher, administrator, or student in a cameo role. Traditional mail carrier's uniform, with optional mail carrier's bag over one shoulder.
  • Elves: Mixed genders. Eight have spoken lines, one has a solo, but feel free to add any number of others to the ensemble. Traditional elf attire (red and green tunics, bloomers, tights, knickers, skirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, vests, pixie hats, stocking caps, etc.).
  • Reindeer: Mixed genders. Eight (Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen) have spoken lines, one (any of the above) has a solo, but feel free to add as many as you wish. Brown, black, and/or gray sweat suits trimmed in fur and headbands with antlers will work well. Optional - belts and collars with jingle bells attached.
  • Make-Up People: Four girls or boys are required, two with spoken lines. They wear jeans or slacks with loosely fitting smocks and shirts.
  • Chorus: A large optional chorus on risers may be positioned down in front of the stage or upstage behind the action. They sing all of the Reindeer and Elves' music, and wear festive Christmas colored outfits or "Broadway Santa" t-shirts with matching pants or jeans.