Smart Rhythms For Fall - CD-ROM

by Linda Miller

These 20 interactive SMART Notebook™ files have over 80 activities for teaching, practicing, assessing, and creating rhythms at a variety of levels using a SMART Board™. Additional assessment suggestions and rubrics are in the PDF "Read Me" file. All the activities revolve around the Fall season. There are three sets of digital flashcards - one for fall, one for October, and one for Thanksgiving. Each set of flashcards has an audio track and four levels of rhythms: Level 1 - quarter notes, two eighth notes, quarter rest (ta, ti-ti); Level 2 - adds half notes and rests, two tied quarter notes, whole notes, and rests; Level 3 - adds four sixteenth notes; Level 4 - adds two sixteenth notes with an eighth note (ti-tika, tika-ti). (Grades 1-5)

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