Alice In Vivaldi's Four Seasons - The Music Game - CD-ROM

Alice In Vivaldi's Four Seasons The Music Game - Games, Puzzles & Much More

Alice walks into a magical Music Clock dropped by the White Rabbit. But the clock is broken, and Alice is trapped inside. The player's task is to fix the Music Clock and free Alice by winning 12 different music games and activities. The games include dozens of innovative music puzzles, really fun music riddles, and brainy mind-teasers brimming with contagious fun and many surprises. Among these special extras are the 12 musical "month puzzles" that correspond to the 12 months of Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

The CD-ROM contains: seven music games, 19 Musical Jigsaw Puzzles™, eight Truly Twisted Music Riddles™, The Orchestra Game™, Vivaldi's biography, Vivaldi's Four Seasons Suite, and an animated encyclopedia of musical instruments. (All Ages, Windows Only)

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