Activate! - Vol. 4, No. 5 (Apr/May 2010 - Farewell/Spring)

Movement, Music & More - The General Music Magazine For Grades K-6

Featuring songs and activities from Artie Almeida, Cathy Blair, Mark Burrows, Donna Dirksing, Mary Lynn Lightfoot, Janet Vogt, Phyllis S. Weikart, and others, Activate! is an all-you-need resource for the K-6 music teacher. Each jam-packed issue includes: songs to help students discover their voices; opportunities to utilize classroom instruments, from the traditional to the creative; folk dances and other movement activities; and pencil-to-paper games and activities addressing a variety of music concepts. Lesson plans are provided and a CD with numerous complementary recordings is included in each book. You want more? Okay. The National Standards for Music Education are referenced and all student pages are reproducible! This posting is for only one issue of Activate!: Vol. 4, No. 5 (Farewell/Spring)

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