The Imagination Station - Book/CD

by Janet Vogt

The One-Stop Playing, Singing, Drawing, Dancing, Writing, Acting, Laughing, Imagining Connection To Classroom Fun

by Janet Vogt

This delightful collection includes 10 jam-packed units of unique, creative, and diverse possibilities for fun. Get students up and moving as they train to be a secret agent, play seasonal charades, learn The Cicada dance, or play "Mr. Zookeeper, May I?"

Reproduce the puzzles, art projects, and creative writing activities. Enjoy the fun-to-sing songs featured on the CD that accompanies the book. Reproducible lyric sheets are presented at the beginning of each section so your students can easily learn the words and sing along with the recording. And you thought we were exaggerating when we listed playing, singing, drawing, dancing, writing, acting, laughing, and imagining! (Grades K-3)

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