The Beethoven Code - Reproducible Workbook

by Geoff Lorenz and Barbara Meeks

Crack The Codes To Explore The Lives Of Famous Composers

Help make the study of famous composers fun and interesting by adding secret codes needed to find answers to their biographical questions. Students are asked to crack the codes to fully explore the lives of famous composers. Permission is given to reproduce the worksheet pages. Keys to the codes and answers are provided. Composers include:

  • J.S. Bach
  • Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • Johannes Brahms
  • Frederick Chopin
  • Claude Debussy
  • G.F. Handel
  • Scott Joplin
  • Modest Mussorgsky
  • W.A. Mozart
  • Clara Schumann
  • Igor Stravinsky
  • Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Antonio Vivaldi

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