Step & Stomp 2 - Demonstration DVD

by John Jacobson

Building Character And Self-Esteem One Step At A Time

Build character and self-esteem with raps and percussive dance that will inspire and motivate. The Master of Moves, John Jacobson, is back with more groovin' step and stomp moves, designed for upper elementary and middle school fun. Learn about good citizenship, and what it takes to show courage and respect. Show others the importance of fairness and taking responsibility, and sticking up for one another. Be the kind of person others can count on, and show them you care, all while groovin' to the beat. The DVD features John Jacobson demonstrating all the moves... sometimes all at once!

Raps include: Citizen Stomp, Courage, Play Fair, Respect, Responsibility Rap, Sticking My Neck Out For You, We Care, and You Can Count On Me. (Grades 4-8)

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