Wings To Fly - Collection/Digital Access

(w/ online audio & PDF access)

by Janet Gardner

Distinctive Texts For 2-Part Voices

The creative works of celebrated and award-winning educator and composer Janet Gardner have been a staple of learning for music educators and joyful performance by thousands of young singers. Wings To Fly is a collection of nine choral pieces that are some of Ms. Gardner's finest works. Each has a distinctive text whether it be original or from the poetic masters such as Rossetti, Longfellow, Dickinson, and Stevenson. This collection features piano/vocal arrangements, as well as digital access to performance/accompaniment audio recordings and singer PDFs for projection and reproducible options. Songs include:

  • The Beautiful Rain
  • The Chatterbox
  • Looking-Glass River
  • Mister Nobody
  • Morning
  • Rally 'Round' America
  • Time's Secret
  • What Is Pink?
  • Wings To Fly

(Grades 3-8)

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Wings To Fly