Freddie The Frog® And The Jungle Jazz - Preview Pak (Preview CD & sample pages)

(Preview CD & sample pages)

by Sharon Burch and Rosana Eckert

Freddie the Frog®, Eli the Elephant, Babs Baboon, and Micki Macaw join trumpet-playing elephants, trombone-sliding tigers, clarinet-playing monkeys, and a flock of seagulls as they scat sing, swing, and perform collective improvisation in this swingin' introduction to jazz. This musical includes five original songs and dialog with 26 speaking parts, along with unique "beginner band student" adaptations giving students a chance to squawk, buzz, and growl on stage as they argue about who's the best. Sharing their combined talent, the animal friends discover embracing each other's differences creates the ultimate jungle jam.

(25 min., Grades 2-5)

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