Thwacked! - Singer's Edition 5-Pak

(5-pack octavo-sized books)

by Dave and Jean Perry

Once upon a time... There were talking frogs? A falling sky? A town full of confused folk? What is really happening and who can answer these questions? The librarian? The coach? The mayor and town council? The sweet and smart-thinking Rachel?

With song, dance, and a fast-moving script, Thwacked! unfolds to reveal these and many other delightful characters as they attempt to unravel this particular mystery in a fairytale world.

Whether your cast is small or large, this 35-minute musical will involve all of your students and delight your audience with the amusing dialogue, charming songs and clever story. (Grades 4-8)

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Sound Samples

Song Title
Introduction to Thwacked!
From Thwacked!