Tootles 1 - Book

by Cak Marshall

15 Easy Trios For SSA Recorder

Even beginning students can learn to play fun, engaging recorder trios! Cak Marshall, an experienced music educator, has carefully crafted Tootles to provide just the challenge your young students need. Written in the keys of C, G, and D major and A minor, with limited ranges, these pieces encourage students to cooperate, listen to parts other than the melody, practice, and play as a group. Increase student musicality, enthusiasm, and dedication with Tootles!

Songs include:

  • Triple Melody
  • Triplin' Along
  • Moving!
  • Sequentia
  • Waltz
  • Melody
  • Melancholy Melody
  • Tootlin'
  • Irish Tune
  • L'etude In 6/8
  • Challenger
  • and more

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