Cinderella... If The Shoe Fits! - Teacher's Handbook

by Sally K. Albrecht

A Fantastic Fairy Tale Musical For Unison And 2-Part Voices

Who can resist this all-time favorite fairy tale, told with fun and flair. Our acting troupe takes over the stage area playing rhyming narrators, singing villagers, friendly animals, charming royalty, energetic messengers, the haughty stepmother and stepsisters, the irresistible Fairy Godmother, and lovely Cinderella. Of course, once the charming Prince discovers the proper owner of that famous sparkling slipper, everyone lives happily ever after! The voicing is unison and 2-part and the Teacher's Handbook is totally reproducible. The songs include:

  • Once Upon A Time
  • If Only
  • Come One, Come All
  • Catch His Eye!
  • Couldn't, Shouldn't, Or Won't!
  • A Waltz
  • Midnight!
  • If The Shoe Fits

(Grades 3 and Up)

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From Cinderella... If The Shoe Fits!