The Drum - Performance Kit (Teacher's Handbook & P/A CD)

(Teacher's Handbook & Performance/Accompaniment CD)

by Sally K. Albrecht and Jay Althouse

A Mini-Musical Based On A Tale Of Generosity For Unison And 2-Part Voices

All children have dreams, just like Jordan's dream of one day having a drum. Watch as generosity helps everyone's dreams come true! Starting with just a stick, Jordan's day becomes quite magical. "A stick turns into bread; to children it is fed. Then I am given a pot, and I think 'Why not?' It replaced the one beyond repair, and I got a new coat to wear! And amazingly you know, of course, in return for it - I got a horse!"

Jordan's last adventure of the day involves a wedding party made up of musicians. Do you think the dream will finally come true? The Teacher's Handbook has staging notes, the CD includes a PDF of cover art, and both the Handbook and CD have reproducible student pages. Don't miss this charming new mini-musical based on a wonderful folk tale from India. (Grades 2-7)

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