Creating Music Series - World Of Music (Beginner) - CD-ROM

by Morton Subotnick

Imagine your students composing music before learning to play an instrument!

Now children can experience music at the most basic level, before ever picking up an instrument or learning to read! Morton Subotnick's series of interactive music games facilitates experimenting with the fundamentals of pitch, rhythm and sounds of various instruments, and styles of music. Children learn what it means to play a high or low note, soft or loud, and fast or slow, with lovable characters and detailed explanations to guide them along the way!

World Of Music (Beginner) - Just like languages, music and instruments are different around the globe. Use the innovative "musical canvas" tool to draw compositions using the sounds of four distinct regions of the world: North America, Asia, West Africa, and the Middle-East. Visualize the different elements of pitch and rhythm and explore your musical potential. (Ages 4 and up)

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