Kid's Guitar Course COMPLETE - Combined Books/Online Audio for 1 & 2

by Ron Manus and L.C. Harnsberger

by Ron Manus and L.C. Harnsberger

Here's one of the easiest guitar methods ever for kids ages 5 and up. With an accompanying CD that always lets you hear how the music should sound, each lesson on every colorful page is explained in plain language that's easy for kids to understand. Three irresistible guitar experts guide students along; a clever classical dog, one cool jazz cat, and a friendly alligator who loves the blues. Available are the Kid's Guitar Course 1, Kid's Guitar Course 2, and Kid's Guitar Course Complete (Books 1 and 2 combined).

The Notespeller is the perfect addition to the Kid's Guitar Course 1 & 2. This 40-page book will supplement your students' learning with simple exercises reviewing the staff and treble clef, counting time, note names, dynamics, chords, and more.

Kid's Guitar Course Flash Cards 1 & 2 is a great way to review and reinforce your students' knowledge. The 61 flash cards are numbered to correlate to specific pages of Kid's Guitar Course 1 & 2. The answers are clearly printed on the back of each card.

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