Chop-Monster Jr. - Teacher's Handbook/Two CDs

by Margaret Fitzgerald, Kimberly McCord, and Shelly Berg

Jazz Language Tutor For General Music Instruction

Chop-Monster Jr. is a teacher's handbook that clearly outlines how to teach jazz to elementary music students. No prior jazz experience is necessary for teachers or students. Imaginative call and response activities, movement, and circle games teach young people how to sing and play JAZZ! Students will be able to groove to and play jazz "swing" beats; vocalize and play swing eighth-notes; communicate musically through call and response; scat sing and improvise one-, two-, and three-note phrases; and independently perform kid-sized jazz works.

All activities are age appropriate, classroom tested, and student approved. With Chop-Monster Jr., your students will develop their jazz chops and start down the road to becoming monster jazz performers. Join the fun and jump into jazz - it's easy with Chop-Monster Jr.

The Teacher's Handbook includes two CDs and reproducible worksheets. (Grades 3-6)

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